Dental X Ray Machine

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Product Details: 
Rated Electrical Power 600W at single Phase 50 Hz / 60Hz, 170V to 260V
Inverter High Frequency 60-100 Khz
Tube KL11-0.4-70
Focal Spot 0.4 mm
Total Filtration Equivalent 2 mm Al
Settable X ray tube Voltage 40KVp to 70KVp in step of 5KVp
Settable Tube Current 4mA to 8 mA
Exposure time Settable in the Range 0.01 sec (10ms) to 0.5 sec(500ms)
Repetition Rate 1:60
Distance between X ray tube to object 200 mm
Brand/Make Eagle-i

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Other Details:
  • Model: Eagle-i D-X flash
  • X Ray Tube KVP: 70 kV
  • Tube Current: 12mA
  • Remote control from mobile phone by Android App
  • Stabilized control unit. No effect of power fluctuations
  • Well stabilized smooth operation Caesar–arm Pentagraphic Arm
  • Very low background radiation
  • High X Ray emission efficiency - does not require high exposure
  • Manufactured with international standard NBR IEC60601-1/97, IEC60601-2/98, IEC60601-1-3/94, IEC60601-2-32/94

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